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AFT-Wisconsin Endorses Patty Schachtner for Senate District 10

Madison, WI – The AFT-Wisconsin Committee on Political Education has endorsed Patty Schachtner for the special election in Senate District 10. 

“We’re very excited about Patty’s run for Senate District 10,” said AFT-Wisconsin President Kim Kohlhaas.  “During the endorsement process, it was clear that Patty was the only candidate that will fight for public education and be a champion for working families in her district and across Wisconsin.  We strongly encourage all working people to support Patty Schachtner in this special election!”

Committee on Political Education

AFT-Wisconsin's Committee on Political Education (COPE) is the coordinating body for AFT-Wisconsin political action. The COPE board, made up of AFT-Wisconsin activists from around the state, makes endorsements in elections based on voting records, questionnaires, and candidate interviews. These endorsements, along with endorsements by other affiliated labor organizations, serve as the basis for our organized political action, along with any campaign contributions approved by the AFT-Wisconsin Executive Board. No candidate contributions are ever funded by dues money—they all come from a fund of voluntary donations from AFT-Wisconsin members.

If you are interested in contributing to the COPE fund or serving on the COPE committee, contact AFT-Wisconsin President Kim Kohlhaas at

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