AFT-Wisconsin Endorsed Candidates

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Congress (by District number):

CD 7: Tricia Zunker   CD 8: Amanda Stuck


State Senate (by District number):

SD 6: LaTonya Johnson   SD 10: Patty Schachtner

SD 16: Melissa Sargent   SD 24: Paul Piotrowski

SD 30: Jonathon Hansen   SD 32: Brad Pfaff


State Assembly (by District number):

AD 13: Sara Rodriguez   AD 14: Robyn Vining

AD 21: Erik Brooks   AD 23: Deb Andraca   

AD 24: Emily Siegrist   AD 30: Sarah Yacoub

AD 33: Mason Becker   AD 51: Kriss Marion

   AD 66: Greta Neubauer

AD 67: Chris Kapsner   AD 68: Emily Berge

AD 71: Katrina Shankland   AD 73: Nick Milroy

AD 74: Beth Meyers   AD 88: Kristin Lyerly

AD 90: Kristina Shelton   AD 94: Steve Doyle



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