Local Unions and Chapters

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AFT-Wisconsin Local Unions and Chapters

AFT-Wisconsin is a labor organization of professional public employees in the state of Wisconsin. Formerly called the Wisconsin Federation of Teachers, AFT-Wisconsin is a Wisconsin chapter of the American Federation of Teachers. Started primarily as a teachers’ union in 1931, AFT-Wisconsin today is comprised of many diverse professionals with over 500 job classifications, including members in the state PK-12 school system, the Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS), numerous state agencies, and the University of Wisconsin System.

Members of AFT-Wisconsin are organized into local unions and chapters, each representing workers in a specific area. Local unions with similar areas of interest belong to one of six constituency councils, and retired AFT-Wisconsin members are part of the Retiree Council.

Graduate Employees

Council Vice President: Rob Timberlake, timberlj@gmail.com

  • The Association of UW Professionals (UW-Milwaukee graduate employee chapter), Local 3535g

Higher Education

Council Vice President: Jon Shelton, jonshelton24@gmail.com

  • United Falcons of UW-River Falls, Local 6504


PK-12 Teachers


Paraprofessional and School-Related Personnel

Council Chair: Rhoda McKinney (Local 243), mckinney@madisoncollege.edu

Council Vice-Chair: Pam Campbell (Local 4018), pcampbell1@ecasd.k12.wi.us

    Secretary/Treasurer: Dawn Konze (Local 3605), konzed@westerntc.edu

    • Western Technical College Federation (PSRP chapter), Local 3605s



    Council Vice President: Kathy Monaghan, kathyjmonaghan@gmail.com



    State Employees

    Council Vice President: Jeffrey Richter (Local 4848), Wpec-President@aft-wisconsin.org


    Wisconsin Technical College System

    Council Vice President: Lisa Conley, lconley@local212.org