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AFT-Wisconsin endorses Russ Feingold

AFT-Wisconsin is proud to announce that it has endorsed Russ Feingold in his campaign for the US Senate.  President Kim Kohlhaas sent the following letter to Mr. Feingold to announce the endorsement:

Dear Mr. Feingold,

It is with great pleasure that I, on behalf of the AFT-Wisconsin Executive Board and our thousands of members across the state of Wisconsin, offer our full support to your campaign and endorse you in your bid for the US Senate.

The values of your campaign reflect the values of the members of AFT-Wisconsin and the values of working Wisconsinites.  We share your commitment to high quality public education from pre-kindergarten through college, and your concern about America’s student loan debt crisis.   We share your vision of robust public services, retirement security, and affordable health care for all Americans.  We share your dedication to fair wages for all workers, including raising the minimum wage and ending the gender wage gap.  We share your passion for protecting the rights of all working people to engage in collective advocacy and action through their unions as they strive to improve their workplaces and communities.  We look forward to working with you to make these values and goals a reality.

My fellow AFT-Wisconsin members could not be happier to support you in this crucial election.  You have been a tireless champion of Wisconsin’s working families for years, and your deep connection to communities across Wisconsin has kept you in touch with the hopes and dreams of working Wisconsinites—as well as the frustrations and struggles that they have faced during difficult economic and political times.  Between now and November 8, AFT-Wisconsin members around the state will be talking with our friends, family members, and neighbors about the importance of your campaign and will be working tirelessly to support you and other candidates who share your dedication to fairness, justice, and opportunity.


Kim Kohlhaas

President, AFT-Wisconsin

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