Fall 2022 Elections

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Welcome to our one stop shop for the 2022 elections!



Our endorsed candidates are proven fighters for education and our communities. More candidates are under consideration for endorsement all the time, and we'll continue to provide a fresh updated list here throughout the Fall!

  • AG Josh Kaul

  • Rep. Lee Snodgrass AD57

  • Rep. Kristina Shelton AD90

  • Rep. Katrina Shankland AD71


Download Empower to Power Our Organizing

The Empower app is our digital organizing tool available for all members. Relying on the relationships we already have with our coworkers, Empower allows us to easily keep track of all the moving parts of our organizing.

Contribute to COPE

Member contributions to our Committee On Political Education (COPE) go straight to the organizing efforts we're building throughout this fall. http://donate.billhighway.com/AFTWICOPE

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